Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{FOOD} Midweek's Cooking: Polenta & Champignons

Hi sweety pies,

How were the last days? Here it was soooo rainy, that we needed some hot home cooked food for today's dinner. 
I like to cook, but in the middle of the week I choose quick&delicious recipes that I also wanna share with you guys. I'm also very inspired from Pinterest or other blogs and I really like that, so I'll try to share every Wednesday an easy, quick and yummy recipe with you! 
If you like them, try them and tell me what do you cook for weekday dinners. 

P.S. I think what really matters is at least once in a while, to take time and cook at home. Aaaand to enjoy a relaxed dinner with your beloved ones!! 


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