Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{FOOD} Midweek's Cooking: Polenta & Champignons

Hi sweety pies,

How were the last days? Here it was soooo rainy, that we needed some hot home cooked food for today's dinner. 
I like to cook, but in the middle of the week I choose quick&delicious recipes that I also wanna share with you guys. I'm also very inspired from Pinterest or other blogs and I really like that, so I'll try to share every Wednesday an easy, quick and yummy recipe with you! 
If you like them, try them and tell me what do you cook for weekday dinners. 

P.S. I think what really matters is at least once in a while, to take time and cook at home. Aaaand to enjoy a relaxed dinner with your beloved ones!! 


Monday, January 28, 2013


On a snowy winter day, comfy clothes for work :). Are your "Monday clothes" also comfy to make it easier to start the week? :)) 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week's Favourites #2

Favourite look
There's something aboout this look, it's fresh and really cool!

Favourite snack

If you also like to snack, try this soft pretzels. Recipe here. 

Favourite quote

Favourite hairstyle 
  This is Lee Heart Lee, romanian singer&songwriter in the band Radio Killer. Her hair is soooo cool!!!       
....hmmm...should I try red??

Favourite Funny
 Ha ha ha, this is sooooooooooooooo funny =))

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday's Soul Food

Today, like every Saturday, we were lazy and ejoyed the free time. We really miss our Saturdays at home in Romania though.. going to church, seeing friends, having the whole family gathered around the table. Anyway, having something more special to eat (special meaning what we want&like) is a must every weekend!

The idea for today's breakfast came while shopping at the russian market where we found some "turkish delight". In that russian market we find all kind of romanian products. So we instantly craved for some croissants like Ligia, my dear mother-in-law does. 
I asked her for the recipe and they tasted exactly like hers. Yeeey!!! The sweetness is very delicious to combine with some sour milk or yoghurt. 
The other food we had today was cabbage pie. Not really what you imagine in "soul food", huh? 
Have a nice Saturday evening!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bows by Amy, Tiffany, Nikki, Eva, Lulu, Kara, Alex, Brittany...

Very Welcome you, crazy visitor!

Why do I call you like that? Cause I have the feeling noone really passes by. I know there are readers, I can see that, but it would be sooo nice if you just said "hi"!Nothing more! :) 
I do the same thing on other blogs, read daily and that's it! But I would really love to hear something back! Uff, let me get to my point...

WAZZUP with this crazy bowties trend? There is almost no day on facebook without the appearance of a new "BOWS BY..." shop/page. 

                                                          I have nothing against them, some are really cute.  I never wore one, and don't see myself so tied up, but never say never. Still, what intrigues me so much is the herd-effect it has. 

I want to learn to sew. I could create myself so many clothes... Let me start with something easy: a bow! Well,the first one isn't really as expected, after the next 3 m of fabric I got better! Hmm...let me take a picture of them, let me post it on facebook. 

       "Woooow,B, this is soooo beautiful! I want one too!"
"Could you do one for me?"
"You should sell them, you're good"
"Bla bla"

Hmm, maybe they are right. If I like doing this, why not sell my creations? A big surprise is about to come. I will launch MY BOWS SHOP! 

I will do some bows too.
If she can I can too!
Why should I buy from her, I'll sell my own ones. 
This is my new collection, Bows by X.

And that's it! Tomorrow there will be 4 new shops. WOW! A world full of designers... really?
Please don't get me wrong. I wish them all good luck with designing-sewing-selling everything they want.
There are always trend setters and followers. Even I followed this having-a-blog-trend, just please be original and do the thing you are the best at. I don't think that sewing bows is such an universal talent, facebook got so boring since you just see the same things every single day. 

P.S. At the end you'll see why you'll never see Bows by Sassy Girl. Cause my sewing is just horror, ha ha ha! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{Food} MidWeek's Cooking: Spinach&Potatoes

Hello, hello!

This is just a quick cooking idea for a lunch/diner in the middle of the week. I usually prepare the more special recipes for the weekend, with cake or some dessert and during the week we eat more simple, easy and faster-to-cook recipes.
I really appreciate when I get diner ideas for the week, cause you know how it is, inspiration won't always come. ;) 

Lucky me, I was blessed with THE BEST husband in the world. He likes what I cook, is not picky at all and if I'm out of time..."a plate of sandviches sounds very good" as he says. 

   15 minutes in the oven... et voila!

An that's it! Simple, fast and healthy too! 

XO :) 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


- Wake up!
- Is it mornin' already? 
- No, it's not morning! It's 2013!!! 

Yeey!!! Hello friends :) 
I'm still alive, even if this is my first post of 2013. I knoooow, the first month is almost gone, but still, here I am to say hi, and wish you all the best for this new year! Make your wishes come true, fight for them and live every single day to it's maximum! 
So, it's been a quite busy start of the year, although I wished to do more.. 
I started with waking up... after New Years Eve :P, then had a work trip to Chemnitz which was superinteresting and I really hope to get back there soon, cause I got to learn so sooo much at that workshop. More details, next time ;).  
The city didn't impress me, maybe the fact that it rained the whole week influenced me.  B does NOT LIKE rain, baaah!! 

What caught my eye was the combination of very old and super modern buildings. This seems to be a trend, you find almost anywhere. I liked more the old charme of it but "Chemnitz – City of Modernity" is printed on signs everywhere. 

 *Little tip*
Pour les gourmandes you'll find everything you wish for! said from hearing, seeing an tasting a bit ;).

Then we made another trip, visiting my mom for celebrating her birthday..cake pics will come, as we'll celebrate one more time at our home. 

About New Year resolutions &Co. I might do another post. Until then, for me, 2013 is the year of challenge!!!

Challenge No.1- January
Starting today, I will post every single day!!! That means 10 posts, including this one. Uff, for some of you it might seem super-duper-easy but for me it's not! 
Instead of deleting my blog as I thought about so many times, I challenge myself to get used with constant blogging. Wish me luck!